About the brand

Graciella Starling brand values ​​the affection and exclusivity with every customer, that’s why our products are handmade with exclusive design.

GS WEDDING by Graciella Starling​

The pieces of the bridal collection are made with crystal pearls and Swarovski crystals.

GS MILLINERY by Graciella Starling

The creations of the GS Millinery collection are developed with the finest international materials.

GS EXCLUSIVE by Graciella Starling

The GS Exclusive collection matches fashion and art with all the excellence of custom-made luxury.


For informations about international orders, worldwide shipping, returns policy contact us, we are here to assist you.

E-mail: contato@graciellastarling.com.br

Mobile / sms: +55 (11) 95841-0216

We look forward to hearing from you and wish your day to be #TudoMuitoStarling